Euthanasia Services

The decision to euthanize a pet is never easy. Sometimes a pet has more pain than can be managed medically or requires more care than a family can provide. Other times, the animal’s condition may be such that you don’t want to subject him or her to extreme treatments or measures. We help you make the most compassionate choice for your pet, as well as what is best for you and your family. Euthanasia may be the correct choice. We understand your relationship with your special pet. It is our place to evaluate your pet’s condition, explain treatment options, risks and the protentional for recovery. We help you fully understand your pet’s condition while you make your decision. The decision to euthanize your pet can be terribly difficult and emotional one. Turn to our veterinarians and staff, your family members and close friends for support as you grieve the loss of your special companion.

How Euthanasia Works:

Euthanasia is painless and stress-free for the patient. The veterinarian may administer a sedative to relax your pet, if needed. Once the euthanasia medication is injected, your pet quickly becomes unconscious as brain function ceases. Some patients may move, release bodily fluids or sigh after the medication is given but these are only reflexes. You pet experiences no pain.
You are invited to participate in any way that is comfortable to you. You may want to hold your pet throughout the process, stand by with a comforting touch or words, or wait in the lobby after saying goodbye. You may even spend a few minutes with your deceased pet afterwards, if you choose.

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