COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 has us at AHC needing to abide by regulations not only for your safety but our staff’s safety as well!

CLIENTS, PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES, WHEN YOU COME TO THE CLINIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Also, we will have 2 employees outside to check you in to make things easier on our clients,  instead of you having to call into the clinic to be checked-in.
THANK YOU ALL for your corporation at this time!
Also, at this time we are being lenient on refilling patients' prescriptions. We are doing so to follow the regulations, by keeping you all safe and our staff safe as well. Once things go back to there regular normal just know if your pet is on prescription medication, that we will return to the protocol of having that patient a yearly examination and quite possibly blood work to check certain levels to make sure we are not doing him or her any harm with the medication that they are on. Depending on each individual case we may do this yearly, twice a year and so on. Thank You ALL for your cooperation!

COVID-19 has us at AHC needing to abide by regulations not only for your safety but our staff’s safety as well!
Until further notice clients will NOT be allowed to enter Animal Health Center’s facility. We ARE, however, still seeing our patients. Also, our Veterinary Clinic hours are changed to 7:30a-5:30p on Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur and 7:30a-5p on Friday’s until further notice!
If you have an appointment scheduled we ask that once you pull into our parking lot, we ask that you remain in your vehicle and we will be having 2 employees outside to check the patient in. Please, REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE and a technician will get the patient for his or her appointment. Once the examination is completed on the patient, either a technician will come back out to the parking lot and communicate the treatment plan or one of our Veterinarians will call you on your cell phone, discuss the examination and their findings.
If your pet is due for medication refills we do ask you either text us 573-364-7100 or e-mail us at or you can even refill medications on our PetDesk app on our website. We do ask, if it is financially possible for you to get a 3 month supply of the medication that your pet is needing.
We are trying to do everything humanly possible to abide by the regulations, to keep you, our clients safe as well as our staff safe.
We know these are difficult times but with everyone following these regulations, hopefully before you know it, we will be back running things like normal.

2) ➡️Shop Locally⬅️

Yes, this is a VERY scary time that we have been through so far, and will continue to go through due to the Covid-19!
It is at this time, more than ever, we need to be shopping locally. With so many jobs being compromised, we need to keep our community that we love and live in safe and secure.

Animal Health Center realizes that our clients have several sources at the palm of their hands for getting their pets' medications, foods, treats, etc. Two main ones are and! We are NOT here to slander anyone or any company. We do, however, encourage you to do research before purchasing from an outside source.

What we can tell you is that if you would like to stay local AND still have the convenience of having supplies delivered to your home, you can do so at!  Shopping online at VetSource is the same as if you came into AHC to pick up the items you need, except you save time and gas money by having it delivered right to you. We 100% assure you that the products you get from VetSource are in fact the proper product right from the distributor. Through VetSource, some distributors for products like Interceptor will give you your rebate for 12 doses even if you buy 1 dose a month for 12 months; the same as if you were to buy all 12 doses at one time. Also, the money you spend at VetSource stays local!

There are many reasons to shop local small businesses,  including Local Character and Prosperity, Community Well-Being, Local Decision-Making, Keeping Dollars in the Local Community, Job and Wages, Entrepreneurship, Public Benefits, and Costs, Environmental Sustainability, Competition, and Product Diversity.

Most importantly, by using VetSource you have peace of mind because we know where the products you are getting come from, that they are not compromised in any way, that your money will stay locally and in the community.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me and I will do my best to get those questions and concerns answered for you!

We here at Animal Health Center, along with so many other local small businesses, appreciate you the client/customer and what you do for our community in which we all live and love!

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