Veterinary Services for Bovine

For farms with small to large herds of beef cattle we understand that it is important that they work with a large animal veterinarian with the flexibility to perform a range of services onsite. Our veterinary team is pleased to offer high quality large animal farm-call services.
Our large animal practitioners are well versed in providing a number of preventative, medical and surgical services on a farm-call basis and are well equipped to do so. Additionally, performing farm calls provides us with the opportunity to observe farm conditions and offer advice to help the farm owner and livestock perform at top levels of production.
In general, our services include:

Farm Calls – We will perform individual animal and herd examinations as well as review conditions on the farm to help the farmer maximize production and decrease likelihood of disease and injuries.

Vaccines – We are well-versed in large animal vaccines that promote individual animal and herd health.

Illness Prevention – In our county and our surrounding counties we do not see elevated levels of disease. However, there are a number of contagious diseases prevalent in our area. We offer preventative care as well as treating these diseases should they occur.


Preventative Care
Routine herd work and preventative medicine is probably the biggest aspect of bovine medicine. Trying to prevent certain diseases and conditions such as pneumonia and scours is much more beneficial than trying to treat after the fact. At Animal Health Center of Rolla, we recommend the following schedule of vaccinations and routine work for your herd:


· PI3
· Rotavirus
· Coronavirus
· Clostridium
· E. coli.
· Vibrio
· Leptospirosis; including hardjo bovis when appropriate.
· Pinkeye: appropriate for certain herds in the spring
*Regular Deworming
*Pregnancy checks when appropriate
*Fly Tags when appropriate


· PI3
· BRSV+/- Haemophilus and Pasteurella
· Brucellosis *calfhood vaccine give to heifers between 4-12 months of age, in which a tattoo is placed in the ear.
· Blackleg *7-way clostridal vaccine
· Pinkeye
*Castration for Bull Calves
*Dehorning if appropriate
*Fly Tags


· PI3
· Vibrio
· Leptospirosis including hardjo bovis when appropriate
*BSE (Breeding Soundness Exam)
*Regular Deworming
*Fly Tags when appropriate

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